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Indoor Feed & Compost


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  1. Baby Bio Original Plant Feed – 175ml

    Baby Bio Original Plant Feed – 175ml

    Help your house plants thrive with this easy-to-apply plant feed. Simply mix with water and pour onto your house plants for greener leaves and vibrant blooms.

    • Suitable for use all year round
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  2. Vitax winter citrus feed
    • Prevents leaf fall and discolouration
    • Maintains health and vigour
    • Easy application

    Ensure steady growth of citrus plants throughout autumn and winter with this carefully balanced feed.

    Applied weekly between October and March, it will fortify plants in the colder weather, helping to prevent premature leaf fall and discolouration.

    Simply dilute the water-soluble powder and apply according to pack instructions, allowing compost to dry out between applications.

    Contains 20% nitrogen, 20% phosphorus pentoxide, 20% potassium oxide with iron, copper and manganese as trace elements.

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  3. Fito Drip Feeder Orchid 32ml
    • 1x 32ml feeder
    • Perfect for drip orchid plants
    • Each drip feeder feeds 1 plant for 15 days

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  4. Garotta Compost Maker 3.5kg
    • Speeds up the natural composting process
    • Provides food to promote bacterial growth to encourage the temperature to rise, kill off weed seeds and hasten the production of rich, dark crumbly compost
    • Why Use

      Garotta is made from materials selected to help improve the structure of home-produced garden compost, maintain a neutral pH and speed up the process of decomposition. It provides food to promote bacterial growth which in turn encourages the temperature in the compost heap to rise, kill off weed seeds and hasten the conversion of garden and kitchen waste into a rich compost ideal for enriching garden soil. Garotta is harmless to children, pets and wildlife and its fast acting nature can help you produce your very own natural garden compost.

      Expected Results

      Garotta will help you produce a rich, dark, crumbly compost suitable for enriching garden soil

    How to Use

      • Sprinkle 2-3 tablespoons per sq.m. over each 8cm (3″) layer of new material
      • Water the heap if the waste is dry or woody. A watering can holding between 5 and 8 litres (1 to 1½ gallons) is ideal as this should ensure that the new material is thoroughly wet
      • Repeat each time a layer of fresh material is added
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  5. Clear Pot - Various Sizes

    Our Clear Pots are ideal for growing orchids and other flowers that benefit from extra light and air to their roots. This design has lower side vents which helps encourage quicker growth. The clear saucer guards against any spillage.

    • Base for drainage and water retention
    • Long-lasting
    • Easy to clean
    • Allows maximum light to roots, ideal for growing orchids
    • Side venting
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7 Items

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